IT Networks with Modern Solutions

We assess your needs for free
We plan an entirely customized solution for you
We give you warranty and supervision to our system
Providing advices regarding the selection of IT devices
Our solutions are complete
Fix prices, no hidden costs

Concrete Solutions in Practice

  • Network planning and building
  • Software and hardware
  • Backup system
  • Network storage and local servers
  • Cloud based services
  • Virtual private networks
  • Encrypted data stored in a bank safe
  • Remote management
  • Multimedia systems
Network planning and building We provide a complete solution from wiring to making your system properly functional. Both wireless and wired networks can be chosen, so you can connect your devices.
Software and hardware We help you to choose the right softwares and hardwares, we also provide assistance by assembling them. You just tell us what you need, we get the right stuff for it and make it work.
Backup system Prevent the loss of data. We plan your backup system based on the quantity and type of your data. We like to prepare to every scenario. Ask for more information if you or your company got essential information on IT devices!
Network storage and local servers By assessing your needs, we choose the right solution for you. Cost and quality are taken very seriously by us. On your own server, you can create an inner network which can be reached from the office or from your home.
Cloud based services Our local cloud solution supports joint work inside the office, which also guarantees that no data will get outside the system. We can also give you and your colleges a remote access to this system. This way you can work together on a project while not being at the same place geographically.
Virtual private networks Facilities or offices can be connected by using a VPN. We can create a central server locally in your HQ or if you want to have that server in a safe distance, then at our office. You and your colleges can reach it through the internet so you can work together on the same project from distance. You can also reach our devices remotely (e.g. smart TV or PC at home).
Encrypted data stored in a bank safe Such premium service is recommended if you have essential data, that you would like to protect. We make sure that the data is encrypted well, furthermore we put it on a storage that is locked away in a safe that we pick with you. Only you will have access to these data.
Remote management We are at your service all day, every day. If you would like to know your IT system in good hands, trust us with the 24/7 remote management. We supervise everything and if needed, we act quickly to prevent any damage.
Multimedia systems Did you know that you can reach all your IT devices through a smart TV or laptop? We can synchronize all your devices so you can handle everything at one place. For example, while sitting on the couch, you can check on the TV all the photos made with your phone. You need only a multimedia server that we configure for you.